Safari Unlimited Duck Hunts

If you’re a waterfowl hunter this is your hunt. Come to Northern Missouri and hunt one of the largest privately held wetlands in the state. Nestled along the banks of the winding Salt River, this vast area encompasses over 600 acres of flooded timber, grain fields and marsh; simply put “Duck Paradise.” Blinds range from massive executive blinds built into the timber, which can house 12 guests to personal layouts, pit blinds, and elevated platforms. As an official Argo outfitter, access to the new machines is always fun.  As an added bonus, on this hunt you can pursue the Midwestern whitetail at no additional charge. Many deer in the 150-160”+ range have been taken on this property. If a Buck or Doe is harvested, you just pay the trophy fee. That morning when you limit out on ducks, you have the option to chase whitetail that evening or vice versa. Breakfast, lunch, and gourmet evening meals are provided.  Located on a hill, the lodge overlooks the wetlands and ponds that make up this area called Mallard Valley.

Duck Hunts in Wetlands of Missouri