Why Travel Insurance?
You’ve invested time and money into planning your trip, and it is probably safe to say that it would take something rather significant to keep you from going. But have you considered this?

What if you, your traveling companion or family member are seriously injured, fall ill, or pass away?
What if there is a natural disaster at your destination?
What if, for environmental or other reasons, the government at your destination prohibits the activities you expressly expect to participate in?

You’ll want to make sure that you protect the investment you’ve made in your trip by being protected with CPO Sportsman’s Travel* Insurance to ensure you get back the money you would not otherwise be entitled to. Furthermore, this policy will protect your personal belongings AND your sporting equipment should they be lost in transit.
*CPO Sportsman’s Travel is designed specifically for residents of the United States, and protects them for both domestic and international travel.